Thursday, April 15, 2010

In Memory of Socks

Miss Socks has gone to live with Dama. Miss Socks became ill in March and was refusing most food. Her behavior towards other dogs, even her best friend Cowboy, became aggressive. Socks was still pretty wild and could not be transported by crate. (Socks was the last dog to leave Camp Reno, and deemed un-adoptable, but her “foster” mom Deb took on the challenge). The vet came to the house on March 29th and under his guidance, Deb was able to get Sock sedated. The vet discovered a large tumor, the size of half a grapefruit on Socks’ stomach, just below her sternum. After much discussion, it was decided that even if the tumor was not cancerous, Socks was not in the physical or mental condition to deal with the surgery and necessary post op confinement. Socks was euthanized and died quietly in Deb’s arms. She was buried with honor the following day in the yard at the only home she had ever known.

Rest in Peace Socks.

Thank you Deb for giving Socks a chance, and a second one, and loving her until the end of days.