Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Miss Zuma Update

A note from Zuma's Mom:

Just thought I'd share...

Sent this in to The Bark's smiling dog contest

... Zuma had just dug her first big hole (which has become her daily routine during the hot months. she digs, lays in cool earth, we fill in, she digs again - always same spot...cute).

Zuma (no. 1 dog; originally named Pearl) is doing pretty well following a very scary August. She has an enlarged heart now, to go with her other ailments, but her 5 medications ROCK! She's spry and happy all the time.

Happy Holidays,
Dianne, Billy & Zuma

GREAT Smile Zuma!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ELLIE is Missing

Ellie very recently had finally gone to her forever home with Barb and John, near Coleville, CA. On a walk with her new parents, Ellie was spooked by gun shots and took off (with her leash on).

Current picture of Miss Ellie

Below is an e-mail from Ellie's parents. If you see her, please let them know.

"I have not eaten since Sunday, I am absolutely sick with worry. The last place my husband was able to see her was on the National Forest Developed Rd 120 Trail about a half mile east of Eastside Lane.

The road is just a quarter mile or so north of Topaz Lane on Eastside Lane in Coleville's Antelope Valley. We didn't realize there was an active shooting range near there. I have called Mono County, CA & Douglas County, NV Sheriff's Dept's & Animal Control.

John is going to go to Wellington to put out a couple of flyers out that way in case she headed northeast. If you hear anything please call us; Barb's cell is 530-448-0550 & John's is 530-906-5203."

Click here to see a google map of the area Ellie was last seen.

This is now two missing Gabbs dogs... Callie is still missing too. Please send prayers and warm thoughts to both families!!

Come Home Soon Ellie (and Callie)!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Updates Needed

Can you believe it has been almost 4 years since the Gabbs Dogs were discovered?

With the first fall storm of 2011 in Northern Nevada here, we are wondering what all our Gabbs Dogs are up to?? Dinky says hello to all and hope to hears updates soon. She misses all her puppy pals. Some of you we haven't heard from in over two years...

Dinky with her brother Tyson and sister Angel, saying hello.

Before we signoff, here is an update on Callie: She has not yet been found, but... there have been reliable sightings. Our Gabbs Dogs are little desert survivors, we know she is taking care of herself out there. Let's just hope that with the first fall storm, she will want to come home. Still sending prayers to Callie and her family.

Sending great fall wishes to all our friends!!


Remember Gabbs? Below is a note (dated Spring 2011), from his new Mom.

"I certainly have all good things to say about my experience with Safe Haven.

After loosing my 14YO Lab mix in August 2010, I began an internet search for my next best friend. That is how I found Safe Haven and Gabbs.

Kris brought him to my home for us to meet and from there it evolved into a two week home visit. Well, I knew, then and there, once we agreed on the home visit, i was hooked. Gabbs is a wonderful, gentle, smart, lovable boy who is very shy. I thank Safe Haven and Kris for caring for him until we found each other. This is definitely a case of " which came first, the chicken or the egg." Did I rescue Gabbs, or did Gabbs rescue me; it's mutual.

Thank you Safe Haven for making all aspects of our rescue easy.

Gabbs and Holly"

Keep Up the Good Work, Gabbs!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Missing Gabbs Dog

Callie (formerly Kumquat) is missing. She got out on 7/4/11 and has not been seen since. She was last seen in the Ranchos area (by Gardnerville, NV). Callie is VERY SHY (and will not come to people)... if seen, please call Colleen ASAP (775-265-7957).

Callie is missed very much, so the more eye looking out for her the better!!

Come Home Safe Callie!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gabbs Dogs on Facebook

The Gabbs Dogs are really beefing up the technology skills. We now also have a group on Facebook... WOOHOO!! If you helped out in the original rescue, helped at Camp Reno, fostered a Gabbs Dog (or tow or three) or gave a furever home to a Gabbs Dog, please join us on our Facebook group.

Click here to find our Facebook page.

But... don't forget to send you awesome stories here too. We love hearing from all of you.

Cheers to all our Gabbs friends!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In Memory of Colin

Sleep peaceful sweet boy. Dama has called you home.

Colin was rumored to be the oldest dog at the Gabbs ranch. He was thirteen when he was rescued three years ago. Colin had been in “foster care” with Colleen and her family since his rescue. Colin passed away last night. He was at home, surrounded by the people that loved him.

Colin’s story lives on in the Best Friends archives... click here.

We love you Colin.
You will be missed!