Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Couple of Updates

Ruby is back. Our little ladies' family hit some hard times and brought her back. If you would like to give this wonderful girl a home, please contact B.A.R.K.

Gabbs, the name sake of the ranch, is now looking for a home. We hope to get his story up soon. If you have any questions, please let us know or contact B.A.R.K.

Macy (aka Oopsie) at Gabbs

Here is a picutre of Macy at the Gabbs Ranch, submitted by Robin W.

WOW! She looks like a new dog now. Keep up the great work Macy!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

MACY (a.k.a. Oopsie)

Hello. My name is Beth and my partner and I adopted a Gabbs Nevada dog back in April of last year. We got her from the East Bay Humane Society. Her former name was Oppsie but we couldn't stand that so we renamed her Macy.

She is a dear-hearted dog. I've been reading the blog for quite awhile and I'd say Macy is further along than some and further behind than others. My favorite quote from the site was something about "the Gabbs stare." She can easily get "that look."

When we adopted her from the shelter I don't think they really knew what they had. And even though I am a very experienced dog owner (former E.D. of an animal shelter, many classes on canine behavior) I didn't understand what I was getting into with her. The saving grace for us is that Macy is wonderful off leash on a hike or large dog area. We live in the Bay Area so I hike with her most days in the Tilden hills or we take her to Albany Bulb or Pt Isabel. To meet her off leash you would never know there is any problems. She is quick to great everyone, comes when called (unless something goes 'wrong'), plays well with all dogs, and wants to stop every few feet and be kissed on. She even enjoys car rides! She is good on a leash for walks in a neighborhood.

Macy in the car

At home is a totally different story. Given where they lived she still hasn't adjusted to many things found in a home. She has "safe spots" which are both of our bathrooms. At night she sleeps in the bedroom with us on her dog bed. But during the day she is still not comfortable roaming around the house with us. The few times she comes into the kitchen or living room she stands there and stares at everything, ever alert for something "wrong" to happen. And "wrong" for her is often shadows! I'm not sure if they had many shadows where they lived but she doesn't like them at all. She walks into a room and scopes out any shadow - from a light, thru a window, on a wall - and then if she can stay there she is very vigilant to keep her eye on it. Most people who come to the house wouldn't even know we have a second dog unless they use the bathroom.

What has been interesting is that she has been great at other ppl's houses! We have her in a play group for off leash hikes on the days I'm not working at home and she loves them. When we are out of town she stays with our dog walkers and when she is there she roams around their house with them. We were shocked to hear that. Then we took her to my parents house and sure enough she stayed with me wherever I went in the house. We have figured out at this point that if we want her to feel well adjusted at our home we will have to move. And as many of you dog lovers know, we end up doing a lot for our dogs but buying a new home is too much! :-)

Macy's Safe Place

We've had Macy for about 1.5 years now. I love her like crazy and I'm not sure if I had it do again I'd take on a Gabbs Nevada dog. I'm grateful that we are providing her a good home for her later years and I'm glad for the joyful times we have with her and there are times when it is really hard; she bolts at a loud noise if outdoors, I have to leash her in the house to move her around a lot of times, 50% of the time I have to feed her by hand to get her started eating, she won't eat in the kitchen with our other dog she will only eat in the bathroom, she won't come when you call her except on the trail and the list goes on. If I'd never had great take-anywhere-dogs before Macy I might not find it so hard but if I hadn't had dogs before I'd be in so much more over my head than I am.

But then I go for our daily walk and get loved on, see her stop right in front of strangers on the trail so they can love on her and I see this happy girl and I think I couldn't live without her in my life.

I'd love to connect with other Gabbs dog people. I always appreciate the stories I read on the blog. I'm very curious about the woman who had them. Has there been much info on her beyond what you can find on the web? When we got Macy I went right home and got on the computer to learn more about the situation she was raised in. I was fortunate to connect with Shannon Asquith and others from the Reno shelter and Best Friends. They gave me a better idea of what her situation was so I could work with her. I wish my shelter had known more about this and been able to pass on more information.

Anyway, thanks for being a part of a community who is helping these special dogs. No dog should have had to go thru what they did and fortunately won't again, at least not in Gabbs.

Macy enjoying the trails


Friday, September 4, 2009

Quick Note...

So it has been pretty quiet on the Gabbs Dogs front. We know there are plenty of stories and updates out there. Please send them our way... we love to share stories. Remember... no update is too small or insignificant and questions are always welcome. No one can do this work alone so this is the place to renew your Gabbs energy.

Keep growing, barking and stealing couches our little Gabbs population.

Love ya all!!