Friday, January 3, 2014

The OAS Nightmare

Okay... not going to go into a lot of details about the horrible conditions at the Olympic Animal Sanctuary (OAS) in Forks, WA.  If you would like to read about it, you can go to this Website, this Facebook page or google it.  What I will say about it is this... for the five Gabbs Dogs that were sent there, it was hell on earth!!!

In 2008, Steve Markwell agreed to take Abel, Dixie, Herbie, Itsy and Tippy, back to OAS to work with them.  In the beginning we believe (and hope) it was a good place that like all hoarding situations just got out of control. Upon police inspection in 2012, Itsy and 125 other dogs were found to be living in crates, in their own filth, and with little to no water.

Itsy at OAS in 2012 

It became a battle of wills between rescues and Markwell.  On December 21, 2013, Markwell disappeared into the night in a big rig with all the dogs.  On December 24, 2013, he turned up somewhere near the Nevada/Arizona border, with the Guardians of Rescue announcing his arrival in a secret location and hopes of taking ownership of all the dogs.  We all waited with baited breathe, as it continued to unfold as a soap opera. 

And then it happened... on 12/28/13 Guardians of Rescue announced they had obtained legal custody of the OAS dogs.  Well of course all we could think about were our Gabbs Dogs and when we could get them... the sooner the better.  On 12/31/13, our good friend Robin Wenham, and Gabbs Dogs Guru, started the trek to Arizona to pick-up our Gabbs Dogs and bring them back to the Nevada desert where they belonged. 

Hold on to your socks folks because it is not all good news...

Abel is MIA.  It is rumored that Abel was one of Markwell's favorites and that he kept Abel.  All we can do now is pray that Abel is being treated better than all the others that made it to safety.

We won't stop sending good thoughts your way Abel!!! 

Dixie is also MIA.   It is rumored that Dixie passed away early on as OAS, before things got bad.  Her name is not listed in the police report from 2012, nor is it on the list from the transport that just took place.  Run free Dixie!!  Many of your Gabbs friends are in Heaven too!!

Dixie we will love you always!! 

Robin, did however find Herbie, Itsy and Tippy... looking a bit older, a bit skinnier and ready to relax, or bark their head off.  

Herbie, Itsy and Tippy at the Arizona Camp of Freedom

The road trip back to Safe Haven was almost poetic, then the van broke down.  It was just a small bump in the road compared to what these dogs have been through.  The three of you are now safe.  You will always have food, you will have have clean digs and you will have have room to stretch and hands to rub your bellies (when your ready).   Live it up now!!

 Checking out the new digs!!
 Being able to walk around!!
 Filling up the bellies!!
Itsy's smile says it all!!

One last thing to add... it seems our friends picked up some new friends while at OAS.  A couple of wolf hybrids that were starting to shut down from the horrible conditions, made the trek to Safe Haven with Herbie, Itsy and Tippy.   Thank you Robin and Thank you Safe Haven for saving our "Honorary" Gabbs Dogs!

Beautiful Wolfies!! 


RIP Dancer

On 12/31/13, we received word that Dancer had passed away.  He was getting sick and his old age finally got the better of him.  He was well loved here on earth and will be missed by many, especially his Mom.  We love you Dancer!!  Give some high paws to your Gabbs Buddies in Heaven!

Goodbye Old Friend!!

Miss Ruby

Who could forget Miss Ruby Delilah?  Not us, that's for sure.  Miss Ruby had found what we though was her forever home back in 2010.  But recently Safe Haven got a call from Animal Control that they had captured Ruby running as a stray.  Everybody knows Ruby's unforgettable and lovable mug.  Turns out her family had hit a very rough patch, but Ruby was safe and back at Safe Haven looking for that true forever home.  Luckily it didn't take long... Ruby was always destined to be Ranch Greeter.  From the ranch in Gabbs, to a new ranch in Lovelock...  Ruby found her last home. 

Ruby checking out the new digs!

Good luck 'ol girl.  We know you will be right at home.  Keep all those ranch hands on their toes!!

Ruby girl, We love you!!