Monday, March 16, 2009

The Adventures of APPLE

If you have seen National Geographic’s program about the Gabbs Dogs, Apple is the one weaseling through the fence. So began his reputation as being an escape artist. Apple was rescued during the final round up of the Gabbs dogs in January. Apple went to "Camp Reno" for a month of intensive rehab before he was released to Tahoe Vista Animal Shelter. There Apple learned to walk on a leash and be somewhat civilized, but he was always looking for an escape route. After many months of waiting, Apple was adopted, but in a moment of panic, Apple jumped the fence and spent the next week camped out on the beach at Tahoe. Apple was eventually captured and returned to the shelter. Then time started running out for Apple. (The staff and volunteers loved Apple, but the ”mother shelter in Auburn was not amused by his prolonged stay.) So, a call went out to a B.A.R.K volunteer and Apple was moved to Safe Haven Kennel in Yerington. When Apple first came to Safe Haven, he had to stay in a "secure pen". But as time passed and Apple became more comfortable, he was turned out in a large run with his friend Pinny.

Apple with Kumquat and friends at the Gabbs Ranch

Nervous Apple upon Arrival at Safe Haven

One day when Apple and Pinny were out on their walk, the really smart volunteer decided to see what would happen if they were let off lead at the same time. They didn’t run. They just trotted faster, then faster, looking over their shoulders and smiling. They then slipped under the fence surrounding the Anaconda Mine (hundreds of acres of pit mine) and eventually disappeared from sight. The search for Apple and Pinny continued all day. Even the EPA workers who were doing clean up at the mine pitched in. But no luck. The next day, Apple and Pinny came back to Safe Haven on their own and trotted very slowly into their pen.

Happy Apple

Once Apple knows where home is, he now seems content to stay put. Apple can do a trick- jump in the air for a treat. He came up with that on his own. It may not seem like much, but we love to see signs of playfulness. Apple is leash trained and is learning to stay nearby when off lead. Apple would probably do best in a home with other dogs for him to pal around with. He's losing that scared, lost, Gabbs dog look and is learning how to smile again. Apple is neutered, micro chipped and up to date on his shots.

Apple doing his trick

For more information on Apple, call Safe Haven at 775-463-1842 or email


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