Monday, March 23, 2009

DINKY - Part I
From the Desert to the Bay Area and Back

Dinky lived in a run with her sister Pearl and two other dogs, Dixie and Dolly. Dinky was third on the list of social skills. Dixie and Pearl would come up for treats. Dinky would watch and think about it, but could never quite get up the courage (okay, we cheated and threw her treats). Dolly would run laps around the run when humans were near.

Dinky in her Gabbs run

Dinky spent part of her last few weeks running loose. The range cattle ate a hole in their hay house and all four girls escaped. They didn’t go anywhere, just enjoyed running thither and yon with their BFF Arnie. Don’t know if Dinky ended up pregnant, but Dixie and Dolly did. Dinky decided that she didn’t want to stick around during the big rescue and ran off into the desert. But no Gabbs dog (except Eddie) could resist baked chicken and she eventually found her way into the live trap. She let David know she wasn’t a happy camper!

Dinky with David after being caught

Somehow Dinky made the cut and joined the group of dogs most likely to succeed and skipped camp Reno. She rode all night in the big truck over the Sierra’s in a snow storm and arrived at a shelter in the bay area early the next morning…

Dinky did not do well in the shelter environment, she would shake and cower as people came near. Dinky was to the point of pooping on herself when people came to close. A good friend of all dogs, Robin Wenham, was called in to help. He worked with Dinky regularly and even got her leash trained. It wasn’t easy, but he helped her overcome some obstacles with people.

Dinky in the Bay Area after working with Robin

Dinky with Oscar

It was decided that Dinky, along with Pinny, Harold and Oscar would make the trek back to the Nevada Desert going to Dog Town Canine Rescue and Safe Haven Kennel. Robin loaded them and made the long drive to Carson City for the delivery on June 30, 2008.

The drop off

Dinky ready to go to her foster home

Stay tuned for Part II…

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gas Money for RACE

Okay... Race will be making the journey to Best Friends on March 27th. If you would like to help with gas money to transport him, please make donations to Dog Town Canine Rescue and note that it is for Gas Money for Race.

Better yet, if you know someone that would love to give Race a forever home, please contact Robin, 775-240-6257.

Thank you for all your help!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Coney and Hardy
AKA The Lords of Flatbush

Coney and Hardy were in a large pen up by the ranch house where, unfortunately, they lorded it over the other male dogs. Coney was the ring leader, Hardy just followed along. Both found temporary homes at the Yerington Animal Shelter, Dog Town Canine Rescue and Safe Haven Shelter. Coney now lives the easy life in Yerington with two girlfriends. Hardy moved to Battle Mountain to try his hand at being a house dog... bet he loves it.

Coney & Hardy


Good news about Rosie... she found a home! HOORAY FOR ROSIE!!

Race will be making the trek to Best Friends soon. A collection for gas money to help transport him will be started. Once information is received about where to send donations, it will be passed along.

The Adventures of APPLE

If you have seen National Geographic’s program about the Gabbs Dogs, Apple is the one weaseling through the fence. So began his reputation as being an escape artist. Apple was rescued during the final round up of the Gabbs dogs in January. Apple went to "Camp Reno" for a month of intensive rehab before he was released to Tahoe Vista Animal Shelter. There Apple learned to walk on a leash and be somewhat civilized, but he was always looking for an escape route. After many months of waiting, Apple was adopted, but in a moment of panic, Apple jumped the fence and spent the next week camped out on the beach at Tahoe. Apple was eventually captured and returned to the shelter. Then time started running out for Apple. (The staff and volunteers loved Apple, but the ”mother shelter in Auburn was not amused by his prolonged stay.) So, a call went out to a B.A.R.K volunteer and Apple was moved to Safe Haven Kennel in Yerington. When Apple first came to Safe Haven, he had to stay in a "secure pen". But as time passed and Apple became more comfortable, he was turned out in a large run with his friend Pinny.

Apple with Kumquat and friends at the Gabbs Ranch

Nervous Apple upon Arrival at Safe Haven

One day when Apple and Pinny were out on their walk, the really smart volunteer decided to see what would happen if they were let off lead at the same time. They didn’t run. They just trotted faster, then faster, looking over their shoulders and smiling. They then slipped under the fence surrounding the Anaconda Mine (hundreds of acres of pit mine) and eventually disappeared from sight. The search for Apple and Pinny continued all day. Even the EPA workers who were doing clean up at the mine pitched in. But no luck. The next day, Apple and Pinny came back to Safe Haven on their own and trotted very slowly into their pen.

Happy Apple

Once Apple knows where home is, he now seems content to stay put. Apple can do a trick- jump in the air for a treat. He came up with that on his own. It may not seem like much, but we love to see signs of playfulness. Apple is leash trained and is learning to stay nearby when off lead. Apple would probably do best in a home with other dogs for him to pal around with. He's losing that scared, lost, Gabbs dog look and is learning how to smile again. Apple is neutered, micro chipped and up to date on his shots.

Apple doing his trick

For more information on Apple, call Safe Haven at 775-463-1842 or email


Friday, March 13, 2009

Our Friends at Dog Town are Having an Event

Let's help some more dogs... Gabbs or not. Yeah!

A "Martini Madness" event to benefit Dog Town Canine Rescue will be from 3 to 6 p.m. Saturday March 21 at Vista Valley Shoppes, at Vista Boulevard and Disc Drive in Spanish Springs.

Here's how it will work: Snacks and a different flavor martini will be available in the participating shops, with a raffle at 6:30 p.m. at the Vista Grille. Tickets are $20 in advance (can be purchased at any of the shops) or $25 the day of.

The participating shops are Home Expressions, Reigning Cats & Dogs, Vista Grille, Chez Vous, Olive & LoLo's and Vista Dental Care. So if you ever wanted to get a martini at a dentist's office, now's your chance.

Details: 775-230-3703 or 626-6558 or

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


When we went to Gabbs the first time, we took all Rosie’s run mates, but couldn’t catch her. That’s why attention eventually turned to Buffy. So Miss Rosie spent the next two months alone in her run. She did eventually make it to Camp Reno and then found a foster home at The Canine Club.

Rosie at the Gabbs Ranch

Rosie at Camp Reno

Rosie is the most socialized. She's had a bunch of training, she sits and lays down on command, as well as waves "Bye bye". Rosie is a lover, but she is terrified of cats and won't enter a house again if she meets a cat therein. All she wants to do is stay far, far away from kitties.

The Canine Club has a staff person who has lost her heart to Rosie. But she feels at this time, she wouldn't be making a choice in Rosie's best interest if she were to keep her.

Rosie's Million Dollar Shot

If you are interested in Rosie, please contact Robin at The Canine Club, 775-240-6257. Rosie will more than likely be making the trek to Best Friends soon with Race to further her chances of finding a great home.

Good Luck Rosie!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Meet RACE (formerly Frick)

Race is in need of a new home. He had found a very loving home and unfortunately circumstances would not let him stay there. His Dad is in the ICU trying to recover, while his Mom is at the hospital a lot.

Race's beauty shot

His very sad Mom had this to say…

“He has those silly little ears and a curly tail. He loves Sonny, one of my staff, and he loves to woo woos at us. He started at the shelter in Sacramento, I think, but got sent to Camp Reno after it was already going because he wasn't doing well in the shelter. He is still horribly skittish, you can't leash him (yet), but once he knows you, you can pet him. I love him and it breaks my heart to not be able to give him a permanent place to live out his days.”

Race Woo Woo

Race, like most of our Gabbs friends is very shy and needs a loving and patient home.

If you are interested in Race, please contact Robin at The Canine Club, 775-240-6257. Race will be making the trek to Best Friends soon to further his chances of finding a great home.

Race with his brother Frack


Friday, March 6, 2009

Helllooo NELDA

Nelda was in the first group of Gabbs dogs brought out to Yerington. She lived for several weeks at Safe Haven kennel. But poor Nelda, as we found with many of the Gabbs dogs, they just had a hard time with the kennel environment. Nelda seemed to be spooked by the sound of dogs she couldn’t see barking. She was terrified of humans. When I would go in the kennel with her, she would try to climb the walls to get away from me. Eventually, Nelda was leash trained and learned that the leash meant freedom from her run. She just couldn’t get over her “kennel phobia”. When she was returned to her run, she would cower in the indoor enclosure. Because of the maybe not so legal number of dogs I had, I had sworn I would not take any of the Gabbs dogs home.

OK, maybe just one.

Nelda's perfect headshot

During her first few days in a house, Nelda was hyper vigilant, never quite relaxed. Then one day I saw her out in the dog run, stretched out in the sun, dead to the world. And so Nelda began her journey toward being civilized.

She first learned to socialize with the other dogs, wanting not much to do with me unless it was walk time. Then one evening I came home and she ran to the gate to greet me with the rest of the group. Well, she ran to the gate. She had no idea why she was there, except that everyone else was doing it. When I came through the gate, she ran away.

Nelda with some of her new brothers and sisters

Slowly but surely, Nelda learned I wasn’t so bad. At first, pets were her approaching close enough that I could touch her nose. Now she loves to have her head petted and her ears scratched. Still doesn’t like to have her feet touched. In fact she still screams as if in pain if you try.

Nelda riding shotgun!

It’s been over a year now. Nelda is happy in her world, but is still tense when moved outside her comfort zone, or when strangers come to visit. She came as a “foster dog”, but I never had the heart to tell her she had to leave. So here Nelda stays. She loves squeaky toys and chews now, and absolutely loves to run off lead. But most of all, Nelda loves to sleep on the couch.

Nelda taking a nap

Cheers for Couch Potato Nelda!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Ruby was the official greeter at the ranch. She ran loose up by the ranch house with Buffy. You may have noticed that she’s missing an ear. Her mother chewed it off when she was a puppy. Gabbs dogs do strange things. Ruby was in the first group of Gabbs dogs that was brought out to the Yerington Animal Shelter. She waited for over a year for her forever home. Then, a few days after Christmas, she was adopted.

Ruby at Gabbs.

During the time Ruby was at the shelter, I thought she might be pregnant. Ruby went to the vet, the vet didn’t think she was pregnant, but told us she had not been spayed. So Ruby stayed to be spayed. As a result, her single, full term puppy was delivered by C-section. Ruby wanted nothing to do with the pup, named Ruby’s Gem. The puppy was bottle fed for a few days then fostered by a show dog that just had a litter of pups.

A few days after the surgery, I came to the shelter and found a note that something was wrong with Ruby. She snarled and snapped at any one who came near her kennel. When I opened her kennel, there was Ruby, curled up and growling. After some coaxing, I got her to “let me see” thinking her incision might be infected. She was curled up around a blue squeaky toy. Her maternal instincts had kicked in a few days late and a puppy short. Ruby carried her “baby” around with her for about a week before she finally lost interest and became her usual weird self.

Ruby’s new mom writes:

Thank you for giving us Ruby!

She is definitely a new personality but we love it. Ruby is still getting used to living in a house I think. She was so used to living her life outside running free and now she has her own room with a bed. You should see her sit in our back yard, she looks like a queen just sitting in her thrown.

Queen Ruby.

She and Daisy, the beagle, get along quite well now. Daisy mimics everything Ruby does and it’s so adorable to watch.
Ruby and Daisy.

My husband is Ruby's best friend. They are like two peas in a pod. She follows him everywhere and they love to rough house. I couldn't have asked for a better animal! All around Ruby seems very content with her new life. And we are so happy to have her.

Ruby with her new Dad and Daisy.

Way to go Ruby!!

Ruby’s Gem was last seen as a very plump healthy 8 week old puppy (with 2 ears) being adopted by a couple in Reno, NV.


Prancer and his brother, Dancer, were dumped on the Gabbs ranch as puppies many years ago on Christmas Eve. Prancer lived most of his life on the ranch surrounded by other dogs, but with little contact with human beings. He was at the ranch when the rains came in January and the runs were flooded. Prancer left the ranch a few days before the big rescue.
Prancer at Gabbs
Prancer after the rain at Gabbs
He was one of the last four dogs to be taken to the Yerington Animal Shelter. When he was brought out of Gabbs, Prancer’s long coat had to be shaved to remove the mats and mud. Even though it was still winter, Prancer was jazzed about his new do. Now his coat has now grown back long, silky and shiny.
Prancer after his new do.
Prancer out for a walk.

Prancer is a Retriever/Border Collie mix. The Border Collie in him tells him to bark at all things strange (including people) to keep them away. You have to put some effort into getting to know Prancer (and lots of treats). But once he gets to know you, Prancer is a love and will dance in place when you approach. Prancer gets along with most other dogs. He is leash trained and loves to go for long walks, both on and off lead. Prancer is about 6 years old. He is neutered and up to date on his shots. Prancer is still waiting at Safe Haven Kennel for that one person who will give him the home he has waited for so long.

Prancer now... with his shiny new coat.

For more information about Prancer, call 775-463-1842 or email

Good Luck Prancer!!