Sunday, July 12, 2009

Videos from Robin Wenham

Here are a few videos from Robin. He has done such a wonderful job in his work with the Gabbs Dogs. Thanks Robin!!

Robin working with Dinky Pt 1

Robin working with Dinky Pt 2

Robin working with Harold

You can check out more of Robin's work at his rescue center Cirrus Ranch.

1 comment:

  1. Robin, you did wonders with Dinky. She will not come to me for treats yet, but she doesn't mind me coming to her... and she will reach for them in my hand.

    She does enjoy the house now and prefers to be inside, especially in bad weather. I know that on some level she trusts me, as when there is a thunderstorm, she will not leave my side.

    And she walks SO beautifully on a leash... wish she would teach Mikey & Angel to do that. hee hee :)

    Thanks Robin!!