Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Ruby was the official greeter at the ranch. She ran loose up by the ranch house with Buffy. You may have noticed that she’s missing an ear. Her mother chewed it off when she was a puppy. Gabbs dogs do strange things. Ruby was in the first group of Gabbs dogs that was brought out to the Yerington Animal Shelter. She waited for over a year for her forever home. Then, a few days after Christmas, she was adopted.

Ruby at Gabbs.

During the time Ruby was at the shelter, I thought she might be pregnant. Ruby went to the vet, the vet didn’t think she was pregnant, but told us she had not been spayed. So Ruby stayed to be spayed. As a result, her single, full term puppy was delivered by C-section. Ruby wanted nothing to do with the pup, named Ruby’s Gem. The puppy was bottle fed for a few days then fostered by a show dog that just had a litter of pups.

A few days after the surgery, I came to the shelter and found a note that something was wrong with Ruby. She snarled and snapped at any one who came near her kennel. When I opened her kennel, there was Ruby, curled up and growling. After some coaxing, I got her to “let me see” thinking her incision might be infected. She was curled up around a blue squeaky toy. Her maternal instincts had kicked in a few days late and a puppy short. Ruby carried her “baby” around with her for about a week before she finally lost interest and became her usual weird self.

Ruby’s new mom writes:

Thank you for giving us Ruby!

She is definitely a new personality but we love it. Ruby is still getting used to living in a house I think. She was so used to living her life outside running free and now she has her own room with a bed. You should see her sit in our back yard, she looks like a queen just sitting in her thrown.

Queen Ruby.

She and Daisy, the beagle, get along quite well now. Daisy mimics everything Ruby does and it’s so adorable to watch.
Ruby and Daisy.

My husband is Ruby's best friend. They are like two peas in a pod. She follows him everywhere and they love to rough house. I couldn't have asked for a better animal! All around Ruby seems very content with her new life. And we are so happy to have her.

Ruby with her new Dad and Daisy.

Way to go Ruby!!

Ruby’s Gem was last seen as a very plump healthy 8 week old puppy (with 2 ears) being adopted by a couple in Reno, NV.

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  1. oh, what a wonderful story! i too adopted a gabbs dog and just discovered this site tonight. i'm so happy to know others are just as in love with their dogs... what a great pic on the couch!! congrats to all for finding each other!!