Sunday, October 25, 2009


Remember Prancer?

Prancer waited over a year and a half, but in August 2009, he finally met Gloria, his new mom. Prancer now has the life he never knew existed when he was living in the cold and mud at Gabbs. He now sleeps on blankets by Gloria’s bed instead of in a damp hay house. In the morning, he climbs in the truck and goes with her to get coffee. He has a small yard where he can go out and nap in the sun. He goes for several walks a day and gets to go running off lead in the hills with his new friend Pumpkin. Prancer is devoted to Gloria and she to him.

Of course there are the Gabbs dog quirks. The oft repeated “fear of men”. Not men in general, just the ones who happen to live in the same household. Gloria takes care of an elderly gentleman, Vern. Bags of chicken jerky treats couldn’t convince Prancer that Vern was to be trusted. Prancer still barks at him and won’t willingly stay in the room if Vern is there. Sometimes Prancer decides he would like to sit in the truck “for a few more hours, please.” Prancer carries on his own little conversation in grunts, whines and barks. Gloria listens very patiently to all he has to say.

Prancer saying hello to Kris from Safe Haven

On October 24th, Gloria brought Prancer to Bark in the Park to visit some of his old friends. Prancer was happy to see the old gang from Safe Haven, but he was always turning to look to make sure new mom Gloria was nearby.

Prancer with his new mom Gloria, and buddy Pumpkin.


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  1. Oh, Prancer! We all love you enough to be happy that you turned away from us to look for your mom.
    Bless her that she loves you so!!!!