Monday, November 30, 2009

ZUMA (a.k.a. Pearl)

We adopted Pearl, now Zuma, in February of 2009. She was one of the last 50 or so dogs rescued from Gabbs in January of 2008. Hopalong Animal Rescue found two wonderful foster families to share in her rehabilitation for a year and get her ready for her forever home.

Zuma is deaf, visually impaired, has a heart murmur and PDA, weak hips and we think she's a little brain damaged. I'd seen her on Hopalong's website for months and she tugged at my heartstrings. Her ailments sound a little daunting, but, she's a trooper and is just the happiest dog we've ever known.

Zuma with her new brother Enzo

She's skiddish as can be, but it doesn't hold her back. We've spent hours and hours working with her mostly with touch and massage, and just recently progressed to being able to hug her without her growling. Our other dog, Enzo, has taken easily to being her big brother and guide, although even he can't get her to relax in certain environments.

We have the toughest time when we take her to Pt. Isabel, the biggest dog park around, and we think it might remind her of the ranch at Gabbs. She stubbornly plants herself on the sidewalk and will not budge. Sometimes, a dog will come by that can get her to move, and other times, I give up after about 40 minutes, putting her back in the car while Enzo swims. She loves the car, and appears to find comfort in the closed-in space.

I'm attaching a couple of pics. The pic of their paws touching was taken recently. They aren't the snuggly together type and I just happened to have my phone right there to capture this moment...soon to be our Christmas card.


I'm happy to have discovered this blog/web site. These are very special dogs, and I am interested in learning more about how to further rehabilitate our little girl.

Zuma, you look GREAT! Congrats on the new home.


  1. Hi Pearly. Numer one dog.

  2. Hi. This is Kris again. Pearl is very special to me, I knew the Gabbs dogs at Gabbs. I still have several of the Gabbs dogs at my house, and we have several more in a rescue near me. If you've read previous postings, You know Robin is a trainer in the Bay area who has worked with several of the Gabbs dogs. I can put you in touch with him if you like. I can be reached at If nothing else, I can send you photos of Pearl at Gabbs for her scrapbook.

  3. wow, kris. thank you! i will contact you on your email. this site is a great find for me. thanks to all for keeping it up.

  4. RIP, Pearly Zuma... Your short life was blessed with the most wonderful family in the end. You will be forever missed.