Friday, January 3, 2014

Miss Ruby

Who could forget Miss Ruby Delilah?  Not us, that's for sure.  Miss Ruby had found what we though was her forever home back in 2010.  But recently Safe Haven got a call from Animal Control that they had captured Ruby running as a stray.  Everybody knows Ruby's unforgettable and lovable mug.  Turns out her family had hit a very rough patch, but Ruby was safe and back at Safe Haven looking for that true forever home.  Luckily it didn't take long... Ruby was always destined to be Ranch Greeter.  From the ranch in Gabbs, to a new ranch in Lovelock...  Ruby found her last home. 

Ruby checking out the new digs!

Good luck 'ol girl.  We know you will be right at home.  Keep all those ranch hands on their toes!!

Ruby girl, We love you!!

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