Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Update on the Gabbs Dogs from OAS

Herbie, Itsy and Tippy are making remarkable improvements.   The staff and volunteers at Safe Haven in Yerington are miracle workers.  Here is what a few weeks with great people can do...

Herbie's health improving

Tippy's eyes getting better

Tippy and Herbie sharing a moment

Itsy out for a walk

Our Gabbs dogs have come a long way since leaving that nightmare at OAS.  Even their wolfie friends are improving too... and getting use to the camera.

The wolfies enjoying the sun

There is even an update on Dixie.  While it was first thought that she may have passed away while at OAS, there is now evidence that she is alive and is with Steve Markwell as a personal pet.  The photo below was taken at a distance of the dogs that he was keeping as personal pets while in AZ delivering the OAS dogs.  As you can see by the last known picture of Dixie, this dog looks very much like our girl... of course she, as all our others Gabbs Dogs are starting to get up there in years.


Dixie and Able, we promise to not give up our search for you.  We love you and you deserve the very best love and devotion. 

Love to All The Gabbs Dogs

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