Wednesday, February 18, 2009

BUFFY - Part 1
From Gabbs to Yerington and Repeat

First a little history... Dama cared for 100+ dogs in Gabbs, Nevada and she passed away in 2007. Action began to rescue all the dogs. For more on this background click here.

Buffy was one of the dogs running loose up by the ranch house. In November, 2007, she was brought to the Safe Haven Kennel in Yerington, Nevada with 12 other Gabbs dogs. (The thirteen dogs were split between Safe Haven and the Yerington Shelter). Buffy was the last dog to be captured that day. She was picked… well because we had a small crate left and were looking for an easily accessible dog that would fit into it.

A few days later, we got a call from Linda Bailey (Dama’s niece). The ranch manager was furious that Buffy had been kidnapped. He had planned to keep her as his own dog. We were going to take her back, but a woman from Silver Springs was going out to look at the dogs and offered to give Buffy a ride. So Buffy went back to Gabbs.

Over the next few months, Buffy remained at the ranch running loose up by the house. She would occasionally hitch rides on pickups or tractors, but always kept people at a distance. The ranch manager was always in the process of fencing his yard so he could take her home.

On January 4th, the rains came and the hay house district was flooded. Paul Bruce of the Humane Society of the United States made a trip out to Gabbs and declared the dogs “in crisis”. Plans were made to remove the remaining dogs from the ranch. Paul told the ranch manager that ALL the dogs on the ranch were leaving and that if Buffy was still there on the day of the rescue, she would be loaded in the truck with all the others.

The night before the rescue, we got a call from Linda. The ranch manager was not keeping Buffy, but didn’t want her to go in the big truck. He wanted to know if we could bring her back to Yerington. So at the end of the day, Buffy was finally caught in the live trap and made her second trip to Yerington.

Buffy stayed at the Yerington Animal shelter for several months, then things started getting hinky at the shelter, so the Gabbs dogs moved out to Dog Town. While at Dog Town, Buffy found a great foster home and...

Miss Buffy at Gabbs

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