Friday, February 27, 2009


Katie was one big matted mess when she was first rescued. Since a visit to the groomer and sporting a nice new trim, she is hardly recognizable as the same dog. It was thought that Katie may have had a home before her Gabbs days, as she knew some commands, did well on a leash and was already spayed. To the surprise of everyone though, she still had her stitches from her surgery (estimated to have been done about two years prior). The sweet girl was very brave and tolerant during the discomfort of their long overdue removal.

Katie before the groomer

Katie after the groomer

She blossomed in her foster home and to no surprise found a great new forever home… here is what they had to say:

“Our ever loving, shy dog Katie is turning into an outgoing loving friend to our new adoptee, Archie. Archie was a rescue from High Sierra Animal Rescue in Portola, CA. He is about the same age as Katie and full of the Labrador enthusiasm and love. Katie did a nose-to-nose meeting/greeting and OK’d bringing him home as her buddy. The change in her is phenomenal—from computer room couch potato to “let’s go play” girl. She never learned to play but loves to bound and pretend.

Katie and family wanted to send a special thanks to Katie’s Foster Mom, Dorothy at Dog Town Canine Rescue. She did an awesome with her socialization.

Katie and Archie

Katie is a Joy!!

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  1. What a joy not only to see Katie enjoying the good life, but Archie too as I had seen him while he was briefly on HSAR's website. Archie's personality is the same as my late yellow lab girl Hannah. I follow the HSAR website closely since adopting my Gabbs girl Hope from HSAR. Congratulations Katie and Archie! You both are so lucky to be in the same forever family!!!