Wednesday, May 6, 2009

CHESTER's Back at Dog Town!

Chester was one of the first dogs to be rescued from Gabbs, thanks to Lorayn Walser and Dog Town Canine Rescue. Chester arrived at Dog Town in December, 2007, before the Big Rescue. He was more people-oriented than most of the Gabbs dogs and, after a short stay at Dog Town, he was adopted. Sadly, after a year in his new home, his owner passed away. In spite of losing two owners in such a short time, Chester was lucky - he’s safe and secure at Dog Town again.

Chester looking Proud

Chester’s now in a foster home in Carson City and doing very well. He’s housebroken, gets along with other dogs, and has beautiful house manners. He does great on a leash and enjoys his morning walks.

Chester has a minor eye condition, one he’s had since his days in Gabbs. A simple treatment of eye drops is all that’ll likely be needed to keep it in check. Fortunately, his eyesight isn’t affected.

What a boy

Coincidentally, (or maybe not), he shares his temporary home with Buffy, another Gabbs alumni.

To meet Chester, you can contact his foster mom, Mary Ann, at (775) 882-9530, e-mail, or Dog Town Canine Rescue, (775) 230-3703, e-mail

So handsome...


Good luck Chester! We love you!

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