Friday, May 1, 2009

JUDAH (a.k.a. Jacob/Jaydo)

We are one of the incredibly lucky families to have a Gabbs dog join our family. According to all the papers we got, Jacob first went to the shelter in Oakland where he was so shy he was deemed unadoptable. From there he went to Best friends where his name was changed to Jaydo. We met him in February when we visited the Sanctuary. After spending one night with him we were in love and on March 20th he was flown to us in Pennsylvania where he now lives with his forever family.

Judah (finally his permanent name) is doing absolutely amazing in every way. He has made so much progress in the short month we have had him we are all stunned. We have to keep reminding each other that he still needs time to fully assimilate because in so many ways he is a member of the family as if he has always been here. We vowed we would never let him off lead until at least 3 months had passed but honestly there is no reason on earth to leash this dog. He stays with us everywhere we go and spends all day outside with us playing in the creek with our Yorkie, Eddie and our two teenage boys, learning to play fetch (and doing very well considering he did not seem to know what a ball was a few weeks ago!), hiking and just lounging on the porch with us. He is so smart and responsive and all of us are already allowed to pet him, rub his face madly which he loves and even give him kisses. Pretty incredible considering he would not allow any contact without trying to get away when we met him. Two days ago it became clear that he knows he is called Judah and is responding to his name beautifully, comes when we call him and will do anything for his organic chicken treats.

He and Eddie sleep curled up which warms our hearts. He is great with the cats and so cute with them. In short we ADORE this beautiful dog and he seems as happy as can be. Even though we know he still has his internal demons and has a way to go yet, we could not be happier with how he is doing. Our sincerest thanks to everyone along the way who participated in rescuing Judah and helping him find his way home.

Best wishes,
Nancy, Rachel, Nathaniel, Isaiah, Eddie and Judah

Three Cheers for Judah!!!

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  1. Wow! The Gabbs dogs are spread from Coast to Coast. Thank you for giving Judah a chance.