Monday, June 1, 2009

ARNIE Update

Arnie and I met with Robin Wenham of Cirrus Ranch last Wednesday to see if he could help me get Arnie started walking on leash. As many of you know, it was Robin who transported the Gabbs dogs that had to be re-rescued from shelters in the San Francisco Bay area back to B.A.R.K. and Dog Town Rescue. He also taught Dinky to walk on leash.

By the end of the three-hour training session, Robin had Arnie walking on leash, too. I tried the same routine out for myself that evening and, with a little encouragement, Arnie got up and walked from the house to his crate in the garage and back, with several stops on the way for treats. We did the same thing twice yesterday and again today. He still panics occasionally, but he seems more relaxed each time we do it, so he's getting 2-3 such walks a day for the next week or two.

Arnie has also lost quite a lot of weight. He was a solid cylinder from neck to butt when he arrived and is now developing curves in the right places. Could he have lost 20 pounds in eight weeks?

Arnie's Dad

Keep up the good work, Arnie!

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  1. Great news about Arnie. I'm sure he'll be strutting his stuff down the streets in no time.
    You'll have to get him a little sign to wear "proud papa of Baxt and the other pups featured on Dogtown".