Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Willa (a.k.a. Shy Girl)

It's been a rocky road for Shy Girl, but she is now safe and sound in her forever home. Willa, as we call her, is probably around 6 years old, and loves napping in the sunshine, eating treats, and hanging out with her new brother Chew Boo, a senior retriever, and sister Daisy, a bossy shepherdy mix. She was adopted from East Bay SPCA in Oakland, CA.


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  1. Shy Girl (Willa) is a TV star, kind of. On the Dogtown show on the Gabbs dogs, she was the dog that had stolen Baxt and the other pups from their mom and hidden them with her in a burrow. I don't think she ever really got her 15 seconds of fame because she would not come out of the burrow. That was her usual behavior. If humans were around, she hid in a hole in the ground.
    I'm amazed to see her in civilization. She was one of the ones I worried about.
    Congratulations on the job you have done with her.