Thursday, November 19, 2009


Gabbs was named for the place he came from. This boy has not had an easy life. At the ranch, Gabbs lived in a run with several dominant dogs. On the day when a representative from the Nevada Humane Society was visiting the ranch, Gabbs was attacked by his run mates and severely injured. He was taken back to the Nevada Humane Society where his wounds were treated and he was taken into the care of David, an animal care manager at the facility. Gabbs was leash trained, trained to run off lead, was house trained, car trained.... but Gabbs was with left more than physical scars. He is shy, shy, shy.

Gabbs at the Ranch

With David, Gabbs went on long hikes at Tahoe and in the winter went cross country skiing. But Gabbs became a frequent guest at Safe Haven after David left NHS. In May of this year, David was no longer able to care for Gabbs, so Gabbs came to my house and met “the gang”. So yes, he is good with other dogs. Gabbs is safe and happy here, but what he really needs is a forever home with a person who will appreciate the fact that his tail wags when he sees them. Sometimes, he even smiles.

Gabbs relaxing

Gabbs with his foster brother Twist

Gabbs is young, about three years old, and still looking for his person. Please contact B.A.R.K. if you are interested in giving Gabbs a 'furever' home.


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  1. Yay Gabbs! you got your forever home!!! and most of all, THEY got you!!! xox, dianne