Saturday, February 13, 2010

ARNIE Update

Arnie is in his forever home and already playing at the beach. Here's the latest report from his new guardian:

"Well, it's been a week. We're learning more about each other every day. This is quite obviously a long-term issue, there's so much to learn about a poorly socialized fearful dog, and I begin to see why the shelters can't cope with the care and attention needed. Yet I'm still very game, because every so often I'll see glimpses of the normal, balanced, happy dog that's hiding way down deep, and I want to give him every possible opportunity to come out, and feel safe to do so.

"Today at Maverick's was spectacular. There's a path that runs between the cliffs and the harbor on the way out to the ocean, with a nice flat beach and tiny harbor wavelets that aren't as scary as the ocean. This was our 3rd time there. It's easy to control the whole width so he can't escape. So I dropped the 30 foot leash, and he walked along eagerly sniffing as usual with the leash trailing. He looked back at me and then took off, leaping and bounding thru the grass below the cliff, tail up and waving, down thru the dunes and onto the beach. Then he stopped and looked back, about 80 yards away. I crouched, opened my arms and called once, and he ran full speed, circling right into my embrace. Just awesome.

"Then we met a little dog, full of beans and ready to play chase. And Arnie did, full speed, round and round and up on the rocks, then followed her back to me. He loves splashing thru the tide pools and sniffing everything.

"Comfortable in the garden by himself, not barking or whining per the neighbors. But still a bit of fear of the tailgate of the car, the TV, etc. It's time, love, comfort and patience."

Arnie at the beach


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