Friday, February 5, 2010

Finnegan (aka Coney)

The Gabbs Dogs site is just wonderful! It's good to know that most of these dogs have been adopted into loving homes.

I was fortunate enough to adopt "my son" from Bevs kennel in Yerington back in 2008. Finnegan (formerly Coney) took to our family life and the kids with gleeful ease. He has a playmate in Isabel our wolfhound mix and my lap is his favorite place to sprawl. He's unaware that his size precludes him from being a lap dog so I just grin and bear it. He's a gentle giant with the patience of Job when it comes to the kids. Molly and Tess love him dearly and don't mind showing him LOTS of affection. This includes attempted horse back rides and leading him around by his tail. Tess, who is 16 months old also likes to show off her drum playing skills using his tummy. He will respond to this by rolling over onto his back and wagging his tail. To begin with, though, we were careful to monitor any interaction between him and (then 4 year old) Molly, as we didn't know enough yet about his temperment. We did find out that he liked to wander and explore right away. He shot through our open front door one evening when we were bringing in groceries and we finally caught up with him playing with a teenage girl in her front yard 3 blocks away. That was within a span of less than 10 minutes. Needless to say we are very mindful of open doors and gates at ALL times around him. The majority of his time is spent with me. I hadn't planned on adopting a dog, but the loss of my beloved sheperd mix "son" Angus, was the catalyst. I felt the need to save another dogs life since I was unable to save him. I found the shelter online and there saw a photo of "Coney" a Gabbs refugee. His appearance was somewhat similar to Angus in some ways so we visited him and were delighted by his outgoing personality. My husband needed no convincing. He was the one. We love the big guy dearly, and I can't imagine anyone wouldn't! I will send some photos as soon as I learn how to get them from my digital camera to the computer. Thank-You!

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  1. Thank you for sending us word of Coney (Finnigan) I love him so much. Bring him up to Safe Haven for a visit. Coneeeeey!