Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BUFFY Update

Sadly, Buffy's Mom, Mary Ann passed away unexpectedly in March 2010. Mary Ann and I met while volunteering for Dog Town Canine Rescue and became good friends. It seemed natural that I would take Buffy to my home to foster, and as it turned out we adopted her.

Since Buffy became part of our family we have discovered what a sweet, wonderful dog she is. She is very quiet and fits well with our family. We have two other dogs: Lucky, a ten year male shepherd mix and Sara a twelve year old female, a probable McNab mix; both are Rescued dogs.

Buffy with her new siblings

It did not take Buffy long to get accustomed to our routine. She prefers to stay in the house, but on nice days will stay outside with Lucky. They love to run around the yard and to get groomed. Buffy loves to go for walks in the desert and loves her car rides. She likes to chase rabbits and Quail. We have a fenced yard, so until I could trust her off leash and to come to me on Recall, she was on leash or in the fenced yard. She has learned perfect Recall and will stop chasing rabbits and come back to me.

Miss Buffy in her new home

Buffy is doing well in training class. She is meeting different people and dogs. She is still somewhat cautious, but I feel she has grown so much. Buffy enjoys seeing my 7 and 10 year old Grandsons. She does not play with them, but loves to be petted by them.
Buffy says "hi" to all her Gabbs Buddies.

A Big Hello to You too, Buffy!!


  1. Hi Buffy. What a beautiful civilized dog you have become.

  2. Looking good, Buffy!