Monday, March 23, 2009

DINKY - Part I
From the Desert to the Bay Area and Back

Dinky lived in a run with her sister Pearl and two other dogs, Dixie and Dolly. Dinky was third on the list of social skills. Dixie and Pearl would come up for treats. Dinky would watch and think about it, but could never quite get up the courage (okay, we cheated and threw her treats). Dolly would run laps around the run when humans were near.

Dinky in her Gabbs run

Dinky spent part of her last few weeks running loose. The range cattle ate a hole in their hay house and all four girls escaped. They didn’t go anywhere, just enjoyed running thither and yon with their BFF Arnie. Don’t know if Dinky ended up pregnant, but Dixie and Dolly did. Dinky decided that she didn’t want to stick around during the big rescue and ran off into the desert. But no Gabbs dog (except Eddie) could resist baked chicken and she eventually found her way into the live trap. She let David know she wasn’t a happy camper!

Dinky with David after being caught

Somehow Dinky made the cut and joined the group of dogs most likely to succeed and skipped camp Reno. She rode all night in the big truck over the Sierra’s in a snow storm and arrived at a shelter in the bay area early the next morning…

Dinky did not do well in the shelter environment, she would shake and cower as people came near. Dinky was to the point of pooping on herself when people came to close. A good friend of all dogs, Robin Wenham, was called in to help. He worked with Dinky regularly and even got her leash trained. It wasn’t easy, but he helped her overcome some obstacles with people.

Dinky in the Bay Area after working with Robin

Dinky with Oscar

It was decided that Dinky, along with Pinny, Harold and Oscar would make the trek back to the Nevada Desert going to Dog Town Canine Rescue and Safe Haven Kennel. Robin loaded them and made the long drive to Carson City for the delivery on June 30, 2008.

The drop off

Dinky ready to go to her foster home

Stay tuned for Part II…

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