Wednesday, March 11, 2009


When we went to Gabbs the first time, we took all Rosie’s run mates, but couldn’t catch her. That’s why attention eventually turned to Buffy. So Miss Rosie spent the next two months alone in her run. She did eventually make it to Camp Reno and then found a foster home at The Canine Club.

Rosie at the Gabbs Ranch

Rosie at Camp Reno

Rosie is the most socialized. She's had a bunch of training, she sits and lays down on command, as well as waves "Bye bye". Rosie is a lover, but she is terrified of cats and won't enter a house again if she meets a cat therein. All she wants to do is stay far, far away from kitties.

The Canine Club has a staff person who has lost her heart to Rosie. But she feels at this time, she wouldn't be making a choice in Rosie's best interest if she were to keep her.

Rosie's Million Dollar Shot

If you are interested in Rosie, please contact Robin at The Canine Club, 775-240-6257. Rosie will more than likely be making the trek to Best Friends soon with Race to further her chances of finding a great home.

Good Luck Rosie!!

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