Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Meet RACE (formerly Frick)

Race is in need of a new home. He had found a very loving home and unfortunately circumstances would not let him stay there. His Dad is in the ICU trying to recover, while his Mom is at the hospital a lot.

Race's beauty shot

His very sad Mom had this to say…

“He has those silly little ears and a curly tail. He loves Sonny, one of my staff, and he loves to woo woos at us. He started at the shelter in Sacramento, I think, but got sent to Camp Reno after it was already going because he wasn't doing well in the shelter. He is still horribly skittish, you can't leash him (yet), but once he knows you, you can pet him. I love him and it breaks my heart to not be able to give him a permanent place to live out his days.”

Race Woo Woo

Race, like most of our Gabbs friends is very shy and needs a loving and patient home.

If you are interested in Race, please contact Robin at The Canine Club, 775-240-6257. Race will be making the trek to Best Friends soon to further his chances of finding a great home.

Race with his brother Frack


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